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Development of Bhikhi Area

The main motive of this school is to develop Bhikhi area which was considered as backward in the field of study. Now The area is getting its peak goals and Students of this college are getting very praiseable posts as wells as placements in various fields.

Quality Education

Quality Education is also the main motive of this school because no Institution can stand forever until it does not give quality in education. So no stone is left unturned to achieve the goal of quality education by the team of this school.

Benefit to Poor Students

Our Instition have the motive to reach most benefit to the poor students. All type of help is provided to the poor students.

Cultural Programmes

To organise cultural programmes and to promote and upliftment of cultural activities in the area and to do such activities to boost cultural heritage of Punjab and india.

Promote Nationalism

To create a sense of brotherhood,co-operation,mutual harmony and love and affection among the members of society and also amongst the general people.

Medical Help

To provide Medical Facility, Medical camps ,Blood donation camps and other social work for the benefit of poor people and public at large.

About School


Bhikhi ( Mansa ) - Punjab

सर्वहितकारी विद्या मंदिर (CBSE) भीखी , भीखी खंड का एक बहुत ही बेहतरीन स्कूल है जिसकी पूरी टीम , smc समिति पुरे तन मन और धन से स्कूल की सेवा में लगे हुए है | सर्वहितकारी विद्या मंदिर (CBSE) भीखी के बच्चे हर वर्ष खंड जिला व् राज्य सत्रीय कम्पटीशन में बाद चढ़ कर भाग ले रहे है और पोजीशन हासिल कर रहे है | यह एक मात्र पंजाब का पहला स्कूल है जिसने अपने स्कूल का एग्जाम का पूरा रिकॉर्ड ऑनलाइन सॉफ्टवेर के जरिये मैनेज किया है और पेपरों के मार्क्स अभिवावकों के मोबाइल पर अपने आप sms के जरिये चले जाते है | इसके लिए SMC committee , और पूरा स्टाफ बधाई का पात्र है|